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  1. Beginner yoga
    Mon & Wed
    Restorative Yoga
    Seated in a chair or on a mat, this very gentle class will teach the fundamentals of yoga and leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Monday's 11:00 am, and Wednesday's 6:30 pm Must be 18 years of age or older. Dress comfortably and bring a mat in you have one. Your first class is free. Use Promo code: FreeYoga $9 for each follow up. Please reserve your spot online - space is limited to 10. Arrive 15 minutes early to settle in and sign waiver.
  2. Meditation relaxation art visualization
    Sun 2/15
    Seated Couples/Partner Massage Workshop
    In this workshop individuals will learn basic massage and body mechanic techniques to utilize with their partner at home. Participants will learn the importance of communicating effectively with their partner for efficient practice of the techniques learned. This is a hands on class, but participants will remain fully clothed for the entire workshop. By the end of the workshop, each person will have both given and received a 30 minute seated massage. We will walk you through step-by-step so you can leave feeling confident in utilizing your new skills with your partner at home. Friday, February 15 , 2019. 6:15-8:30p Price is $59 per pair. Bring your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, workout partner, your best friend....Any pair will do!
  3. medium, family, psychic, therapeutic
    Thurs 2/7
    Connecting With The Other Side
    With an open mind and an open heart, come spend an intimate evening with your host Lisa as she delivers evidential information and healing messages from your departed loved ones. Lisa is a Psychic Medium who brings forth evidential information from Spirit for validation that life continues after death; as well as to bring comfort and healing to those still here in the physical realm. $49 per person. Space is limited to 20, which means it's a small intimate event, and increases the chance of a reading. Pre-Registration and payment is required in advance. Please note: A reading is not guaranteed at this event, but Lisa will do her best to read as many guests as time allows. Thursday, February 7, 2019 7:00-9:00pm
  4. essential oil, aromatherapy, lotion, bath salt, healing, wellness
    Sun 3/24
    Make Your Signature Essential Oil Bath Salt & Lotion
    In this self care workshop, you will learn how to test and determine which essential oil resonates with you energetically to create a soothing bath salt and body lotion. You will also learn the benefits and precautions when using essential oils. Sunday, March 24 , 2019. 1:00-3:00p $39 for the workshop, supplies included.
  5. Thurs 5/9
    Balance the Chaos of Menopause Naturally
    This single class workshop will help attendees to learn how empowering the peri-menopause stage of life can be. Participants will learn how to identify various signs and symptoms of menopause, and naturally manage them through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga. Thursday, May 9, 2019. 6-9pm $39 per person.
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